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Algorithm for activation key


I'm writing a software application that the user needs to buy a license for and activate it. I need suggestions on how to start about writing a powerful algorithm for code generation and of course, code checking. I know that people can reverse engineer the code and make a keygen, however, my question is two parts:

  1. In general, regardless of the application being cracked this way, how can I start writing an algorithm to accept a certain Serial or String or a combination. (e.g is that the right thing? e.g: the first number is from 3-9 the second should be the first - 3, while the third number should be the second * + ....whatever...??)

  2. What is the best approach for protecting a Desktop application from piracy without dealing with the internet. Is it the algorithm (make it harder to reverse engineer), protect the source code from being seen after application is installed somewhere?? ...??

PS: Maybe it is worth to mention that I am using Java as my development language. Thanks

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