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What does a SW Release ID value of -1 mean in the Flexera Data Platform?

I am trying to find a unique identifier for the lowest level of a software possible.  I assumed this was the SW Release ID.  However when report on that value I am getting multiple rows that have a SW Release Value of -1. What does a SW Release ID value of -1 mean in the Flexera Data Platform?

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By Level 7 Champion
Level 7 Champion

@ajwaterston ,

I raised this as a support case last year. Here was the answer:

...After reviewing everything, and doing a bit of investigating for you, I managed to confirm that when the Release ID is equal to -1, this is due to the fact that we were not able to map it to a release. We are not able to map it to a Release ID because there is no discovered version. This seems to be a data issue with the data source.


I hope this helps.



Hi @jasonlu , 

Firstly thank you for the investigation and responding... Can I ask under what conditions would there be no discovered version please?  And should we be ignoring these records in our reporting?  If this is due to an underlying issue with the data source, I am assuming you mean Technopedia here, does that mean Technopedia are fixing these records or should we just be ignoringing them, even if we have install counts against them?


In my case the data was coming from HP Universal Discovery (HPUD). The data that tool collected did not capture version for a small set of applications (PrintKey 2000, Citrix Presentation Server, and a few others). In those cases the SWReleaseID = -1

Searching through Technopedia I could see that if version is known then the correct relationship from data to Technopedia will be done, so the issue is definitely with the data. There's just not enough for Technopedia to go on.

I pushed this back to the data source owners to fix this if the priority is high enough. In this case I don't think they bothered.

It might be possible to manually assigned these in a private catalog but I've never used that part of Data Platform.