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Ports and Protocols

Which ports are required for remote communication between BDNA application servers?

I have found conflicting information in the following links which has confused me. 

Network Ports and Protocols (flexera.com)

BDNA Data Platform 5.5 Installation Help Library - System Requirements (flexera.com)

Changing the Normalize Server Port for BDNA User Console (flexera.com)

If both ports are used, does this image represents where these ports are required to be open?



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Level 7 Champion


Perhaps someone from Flexera can chime in here.

Whatever the case, I agree that the documentation is inconsistent.


In the environment I just set up, this is what the configuration looks like.

In the Norm.Configuration.config file on the Data Platform server, it specifies two variables

BI_CONFIG_NORMALIZE_BI_SERVER_URL (This is the User Console server)

BI_CONFIG_NORMALIZE_BI_SERVER_PORT (this is set by default to 8084)


In Norm.Configuration.config the definition of <NormalizeService>  is the 'Flexera Data Platform Service'. In this, the <Port> element is set to 8088.

Once the User Console is configured, the NBI.Configuration.config file on the User Console server specifies a RemotingPort with a value of 8084. Port 8088 is not specified anywhere.