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Support Plan for November 12th, 2021

Flexera Alumni
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At Flexera we believe social connection is important to the well-being of our team.  Covid-19 has had a profound impact on the way we work and on our professional social interactions.  We have decided to host a company wide ‘day of connection’ to support our team reconnecting with peers.  Thus, we will be closed for a half day on Friday, November 12th.

During this time, our Support Team will not be available as normal, however we will be monitoring our systems for new critical cases and will respond appropriately.  In addition, we will ensure that all currently critical and high cases are current.

Lastly, we honor our Support Services employees to have equal opportunity with their Flexera colleagues in participating in this Day of Connection. Social interactions will help our team rekindle the professional relationships that drive collaboration and continue to provide high-quality services and experiences to our customer.

Thank you,

Kimberly May

VP Support Services

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