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Having a great idea is one thing.  How this is conveyed via Ideas is what will help the Idea get noticed and voted on by other portal subscribers.  In preparing your Idea, the following tips are recommended:

  1. Go for reach.  The more an idea can help a large number of customers, the better.  Write your idea so that it can apply to a wide range of use cases. For best results, have others contribute to and collaborate to enhance the idea.
  2. Be clear on the outcome. Consider using the user story format. As a (role), I want (something) so that (benefit).  Knowing the benefit and how it will improve the day to day role helps the Product Team understand the desired outcome. 
  3. Be specific.  Articulate requirements using specifics and without generalized language.  For instance, "increase access" isn't specific enough, what level of access is desired.
  4. Be creative.  If you're creative, add in screenshots or pictures to help sell your Idea.   
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