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In the coming weeks, we will implement changes to the statuses we use in our Ideas portal. 

When are we making the change?  

The change is scheduled to happen on October 3, 2022 (CST).  

Why are we changing it?  

We’ve been working towards improving our idea suggestion process and experience for our customers. Currently, there are too many statuses, and they often leave customers feeling uncertain about their Ideas’ status. We’re replacing the existing Ideas status with a simplified structure to streamline workflow and provide transparency to customers. 

What is the new status and workflow?  

When you submit a new idea, the status will be Gathering interest, and your suggestion stays here until it gains enough interest in terms of votes (encourage your colleagues to vote for it!) and positive comments from the Community. A product manager will then review it to determine the next status. If your idea has minimal activity, it will be moved to “future consideration” or “unlikely to implement.” With the large volume of suggestions we receive, especially if it is urgent or critical, the new workflow will ensure the most popular ideas are highlighted so these can be addressed sooner.  



Gathering interest 

Good idea. Once it gains enough interest in terms of votes (encourage your colleagues to vote for it!) and positive comments from the Community, a product manager will review it to determine the next status. Note: After a year, an idea with minimal activity will be moved to either "future consideration" or "unlikely to implement."  

Needs clarification 

We have requested more details from the owner of the idea. Note: If we do not get more information within six months, the idea will move to "unlikely to implement." 


Excellent idea. There's a good chance we will include it in our roadmap. Thank you. (This is not a commitment.) 

Already available 

The idea has already shipped or resolved (or a suitable workaround is in place). Details may be provided in the Community and comments may assist with locating relevant content such as knowledge base articles or documentation. 

Unlikely to implement 

Unfortunately, we can't implement every good idea. Those not receiving enough votes, had no activity on their post within a year or don't align with our product direction enter this status. We appreciate your contribution to the Community.   

Future consideration 

Great idea, but it doesn't align with our roadmap in the next 12-24 months. Our product team will revisit it when they can better speak to the timeline for this idea. Ask the Community for their input. The number of votes the idea receives will be a big factor in whether the idea will be introduced in the future.Note: If there isn't enough interest after 24 months, the idea will move to "unlikely to implement." 


This idea is great - thank you. It is now available in the product. 





How will this impact your idea post? 

When you log on to the community on October 3, only the status of your idea may change, but it will not impact the number of votes your idea has received or any aspect of your idea. Everything else about your idea post and any user account details will remain the same.  




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