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[Release] codeinsight-sdk Python Library!

Excited to share codeinsight-sdk a Python client for Revenera Code Insight to help automate and extract data for your SCA scans. The Python client wraps the Code Insight apis into an reusable, easy to use python library.

Currently has limited capabilities focused on extracting data from Revenera such as:

  • List all projects
  • Get Project
  • Create Project
  • Upload code-base
  • Get all project vulnerabilities
  • Get all reports
  • Get report


Getting started as easy as running pip install codeinsight-sdk then

import codeinsight_sdk as cia
client = cia.CodeInsightClient("<your-base-url>","<your-api-token>")

projects = client.projects.all()

Feel free to contribute, submit issues or feedback! 

zkarpinski/codeinsight-sdk-python: A Python client for the Revenera Flexera Code Insight (


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This is great to see – thank you for your contribution!

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