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How long does a codeinsight scan take? Last run took less than a day. Now it's taking 3 days and still running.


I ran a scan on my product which is an update to the same one I ran last time which finished in a day. This time it's running for 3 days and still in progress. I check SCAN QUEUE and it acknowledges "Project currently being scan: My Project". Is there a way to check the log somewhere to see more details on healthy progress?

Thanks a lot


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Hi @vuongan,

The difference in scan times can be affected by multiple factors, including whether a full scan or incremental scan was ran, if the scan profile changed,  environmental factors, etc. You can check the scanEngineDetail.log under <CODEINSIGHT_ROOT>/logs to monitor the scan. Depending on the phase the scan is on, you may also check the codeaware.log as well. You can also download the logs through the web UI if you are system admin. Please refer to this article for more details:

If you need assistance in reading the logs, please feel free to open a support case with us and provide your scan logs. 

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