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FNCI V6 - Load Standard Notice Data/Save as Standard Notice Data

Hello Flexera Team,

In FNCI V6 we use  "Save as Standard Notice Data"/Load Standard Notice Data".

Is this feature available in FNCI V7 (2019.R2,2019.R3?)

Thank you,


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Hi @lpopescu,

We sincerely apologize for our lack of response. Going forward, we will be making a concerted effort to respond to all forum questions in a timely manner as well as responding to all previously asked questions on our forum. If you or someone else still has this question, here is our response:

This feature is currently not available in v7. If you would like to submit an enhancement request for this, please open a support case with us. As a general overview on what options are currently available when finalizing notices text, please refer to the following article from our user guide: 

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