App Broker Release Blog

App Broker Release Blog

App Portal / App Broker 2021 R2

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We are happy to announce the general availability of App Portal / App Broker 2021 R2 release. App Portal / App Broker 2021 R2 includes the following features and improvements Integration with Microsoft Intune for Windows 10 devices This release intro...
by Flexera Shiremath Flexera

Product Discovery Program - Join us!

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Join us in shaping Flexera’s future by enrolling in the new Flexera Product Discovery Community! Product Discovery is our way of getting direct feedback on our products. When you participate in our research you will be giving your input to the peopl...
by Flexera Nabercrombie Flexera

App Broker Cloud (SaaS) for ServiceNow!

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We are excited to announce the release of App Broker cloud available as a SaaS (Software As A Service) application. The application has been built from the ground up using modern technologies, including micro-services hosted on public cloud. What doe...
by pratulpatel Flexera Alumni

App Portal / App Broker 2019 R1 SP1

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Issues reported by our customers and our QA team since the release of 2019 R1 have been resolved with this service pack release, making the product even more stable! Check out the list of issues resolved and other details about this service pack rele...
by pratulpatel Flexera Alumni

App Portal / App Broker 2019 R1

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This release includes: Flexible Approval Currently the approver of a request needs to be on the company's network (or using the VPN) to be able to approve or reject requests. This new feature in 2019 R1 makes the approval process agnostic of the netw...
by pratulpatel Flexera Alumni

App Portal / App Broker 2018 R1

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This release includes the following features: Software Reclamation Dashboard A very popular demand from our customers, the software reclamation dashboard includes tiles and interactive graphs to provide an overview of the progress and status of your ...
by pratulpatel Flexera Alumni

How to get started with App Broker

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One of the perks of having a company like Flexera that cares about its products is the wealth of useful information available for answering questions and getting started. The steps for getting started with App Broker are laid out here in a walk-thro...
by nswedberg Flexera Alumni