ESD Service Stops Unexpectedly

ESD Service Stops Unexpectedly


The App Portal customer may notice their ESDService has stopped unexpectedly. 


For any issues where the ESD Service stops unexpectedly, looking at the event viewer log will typically provide a reason.. The following events may be found via Windows Event Viewer after the service stops unexpectedly: 




Such error message, particularly the exception shown in the 2nd screenshot, indicates that the "Email address for Site Alerts" setting was either empty, or multiple email addresses were specified, incorrectly. 

Please go to App Portal Admin > Site Management > Settings > Email, at the "Email Address for Site Alerts" section, remove all the email address specified and provide only one email id and click on save. (This field should not be blank)


Once a valid Email address is input, it should stop the ESDService from crashing.  If not, please contact support for further assistance.

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I'd like to confirm that the site alerts field only allows a single email address or is it possible to provide comma separated emails or a distro group?

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