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Remedy tickets are not having proper details which is installed via App Portal but missing to have the details created in the ticket in Remedy

Hi Forum,

we have migrated App Portal 2019 R1 from old 2012 server to a new server with 2019 OS and upgraded to App Portal 2022R1. Using the same URL of the app portal as in the old setup. We have integration with remedy via which tickets are created for conditions like software installation is successful, Software is not available in App Portal etc., and  a ticket is to be created with user details, email id, cost center and software details.

Now after the upgrade we are getting tickets with out any user details, machine details to track the license allocation and any new software requests and they are creating as below.


Installation Success on Not Found for Not Found
 User: Not Found
 CostCenter: Not Found
Installation failed on Not Found for Not Found
Software Request for Not Found for Not Found
 User: Not Found
 CostCenter: Not Found


@jdempsey , @CharlesW 

Please suggest how this can be resolved and what is missing in app portal which is causing it not to have these details populated. 

Our support teams are unable to process the tickets created as there is no details to take any action on the requests created in Remedy from App Portal integration. 





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Hi, please find the errors we are observing in the user request logs related to remedy

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