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Excluding collections in AppPortal

Background:  We have hardware peripherals and software in App Portal.  We have limited App Portal to only allow software installs on desktops and laptops.  We used an exclude collection under Site Management - Settings - WebSite that excludes all servers .  Web Extension is the primary method for getting machine name, Reverse DNS is the fallback.

What has happened is Citrix users are going to App Portal and requesting software.  The server itself is not in imported computers but Reverse DNS finds the server name when web extensions fails.  The user selects to install on the current machine.  The server is in Config Manager so the server is added to the collection but we limit those collections to install only on win 10 or win 7 so the install fails with Program Rejected (wrong platform).

I'm trying to find a way to disallow the user to request software on the citrix server.  Any guidance is appreciated.

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Hi @TeriStevenson ,

One way that we can use here is to add the exclude collection  that is used in the Settings -> Website as a Collection condition by setting the Category security - Collections - Add the collection as exclude condition. 

Any user who logs into the machine included in the collection condition will not be able to view the catalogs under that category.

To set the Category Security, please refer the following documentation link - https://docs.flexera.com/appportal/2021r1/ag/Content/helplibrary/AP_CreateCatCategory.htm



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Are these persistent VDIs?  If so, have you considered including the web extensions in the gold image for these virtual desktops?  Or are you saying you have the web extensions installed but they are failing to properly detect the VDI machine name?

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The web extensions are installed on the VDI but they aren't detecting the machine and what we see occur is the Citrix server shows under their name in App Portal because Reverse DNS did find it.  The user then requests to install software and the install fails.

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