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App Portal Custom User/Computer Query

We use customized user/computer import queries in our environment, which take quite a while to run so we are looking for ways to trim it down where possible.   I have removed items from this in the past (though its been a while), but wanted to see what the recommended steps would be to remove  data attributes from the custom import query.. 

Does this sound right?

  1. Ensure the columns to be deleted are not being referenced in the [WD_VPackageProperty] table. 
  2. Remove corresponding references from the custom queries (Site Management/Settings/Deployment/Common).
  3.  Delete column(s) from the [WD_User] and/or [WD_Computer]  tables.
  4.  Perform data sync.

Do I need to do anything with the vUserComputerMap view? 

Is there anything else I am missing?





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I ran a quick test, and all I needed to do was items 2 and 4 in your list. You can certainly do item 3 if you wish, but it does not appear to be strictly necessary (I tested against 2021 R1). Item 1 should not be necessary, as WD_Vpackageproperty pertains to visibility conditions. You do not need to do anything with Vuser, vComputer, or VUserComputerMap unless you were to delete the columns as mentioned in step 3. In this case, remove the deleted custom column names from the views.

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