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Repackager Build Fails with ISDEV : fatal error 0

Repackager Build Fails with ISDEV : fatal error 0


The Repackager build process fails with ISDEV : fatal error 0 during the building of the .cab files


When building a large Repackager project, during the building of .cab files, the build process terminates with:

ISDEV : fatal error 0


This error is caused by a Windows Installer limitation on the total size of a compressed MSI. The MSI file has a 2GB total size limit. If you repackage an application that is over 2GB in size and try to build a single compressed MSI the build process will fail during the compression of these files. The MSI API?s that are involved in this process do not return a very descriptive error, so that is why it is returned as the ?ISDEV : fatal error 0?.


To resolve this error you will need to build the package as either uncompressed or compressed with external .cab files. You can find these different options within the Repackager project in the Repackaged Output view under the Repackaged Output Options.
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