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I have IS2013 SP1 installed on a VM (Win7 Professional x86) which is connecting to our network through my host connection. Our Verisign file is located on the network as multiple projects use this file. Normally, about 9 out of 10 ten times, I shut...
Upgraded our installer from 2010 to 2013... pure Installscript projectEverything on x86 works perfectly with almost no changes. No issues that I am away of. When installing on a x64 OS our two .NET DLLs are not being registered (via regasm.exe). ...
So the Devs removed some files and then added new ones, not named the same, and it was completely out of my hands...This is the code for trying to update the current installation:function OnMoveData()...begin... //--- If we are updating... elseif (De...
Hopefully simple answer but currently in our installs we use have 2 different version strings. The first is fully numerical that InstallShield uses and the other is set in the String table that contains "Alpha", "Beta", etc. I want to start moving ...
Afternoon,I'm trying to figure out a way to capture the Mainteance mode after the OnMaintUIBefore() event but before the uninstallation gets to OnUninstallingFile().Anyway I created a custom sdWelcomeMaint dialog that only has the Repair and Remove r...
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