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How can I set the CheckBox to 'checked' as default on design time?It seems that there is no property that handles that.
Hello!I am using IsntallScript MSI Project.I want to fill a listbox for Language select, but i get this NULL error:here's my code:listLanguage = CreateLanguageList(); if (listLanguage = LIST_NULL) then MessageBox ("Unable to create list of...
the parameter szLicenseFile should specify the path of the license file.If will be using this:szLicenseFile = SUPPORTDIR ^ "License.rtf";where will i put the license.rtf such that the code above will locate the actual file.thank you.
How does this code snippet work? Or what is this all about?if(MODE = RECORDMODE) then SdMakeName(szAppKey, DLG_SETUPTYPE, "", nDlgSetupType); SilentWriteData(szAppKey, "Result", DATA_NUMBER, szNil, nId); endif;
Hello!By default, OnFirstUIBerfore consists of the following labels:Dlg_Start:Dlg_SdWelcome:Dlg_SdCustomerInformationEx: Dlg_SdAskDestPath: Dlg_SetupType: Dlg_SdFeatureTree: My project has a setup type, so it falls in Dlg_SetupType. But t...
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