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Hello, After the reboot during installation(i.e. installing .NET framework) suite is started properly and continues the installation. However all the properties are set to default. Is this the intended behaviour? Seems like a bug to me. How can I res...
Hello, When I try to access properties like "FEATURE[FeatureName].actionState" in suite actions(i.e. Set Property action in Events view or managed code) they are always null. However they work fine when I write the same thing from the UI. How can I a...
Hello, I have advanced UI/suite project(IS2014 SP1) and when I am installing it, the progress indicator in taskbar is still at 0%. How to make the progressbar move as installation goes? Thank you, Marek
Hello, I have a very simple Advanced UI/Suite project - no changes, only added msi product. I choose custom installation. On the selection feature page I use TAB to navigate the Install button and press enter. The progress page is not shown and the l...
Hello, I would like to run my custom action in silent mode(setup.exe /silent). Is there any way to do that in Suite project? My action looks like: __declspec(dllexport) HRESULT __stdcall MyCustomAction(IDispatch *pDispSuiteUIExtension){ CComQIPtr spS...
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