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Hello,i try to make a install-package, who have two target directorys. First is C:\Program Files and second is for example D:\Data.Now i want to make the directorys variable. How can I do this, becase every time i try it, InstallShield say, that's no...
Hello,i try to make a InstallShield-MSI-Package step by step and will lern how it works and find options to make it for me easier.My question is about own prerequisites. In the old package with WixEdit i had a question if Python 2.5 is installed and ...
Hello,I have further errors i don't understand.If i installed a chained-msi-package the first time on Windows XP SP3 with no Windows Installer 4.5, the package installes WIN Installer 4.5, then .Net 2.0 and starts then with the main installation, but...
Hello,can anyone tell my whats the order of chained msi-packages.Until now I think its a alphabetical order. Now I updated to InstallShield 2009 SP2, compiled a new package and try to install it. Now package2 is first installed, then package1.I'm des...
Hello,i have some questions about chained-msi-installations, windows installer 4.5 and reboot.I need a demo-cd from my companys product. This product-installation is produced with WixEdit and includes some python-scripts, installs some services and n...
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