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Solved! Unable to view anything

I am currently testing SVM however I have ran into some issues. I have onboarded 3 devices but only the account I created for my colleague can see all of them even though I have access to both the root admin and an account with the 'see other users d...

Solved! Enhancement Request

I have three questions or suggestions.Can you schedule Software Vulnerability Manager (SVM) to have computers check in at a specific time or time range every day? I can tell all the systems to scan now, for example very early in the morning. However ...

Anomalies with endpoint scans

Hi all...First time poster. We have introduced Flexera Software Vulnerability Manager to our environment and hoping someone can help me or advise who I should contact. When we go through are scan results we are noticing some anomalies.  For instance ...

Solved! SVM on-prem Server ldaps Configuration

Hi, I need help with SVM ldaps configuration. The system I am using is RHEL 7. I have run /usr/local/Secunia/csi/install/ Provided the host url as ldaps://servername:636. Rest all details are fine. But I am not able to connect to ldaps....