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Flexnet Agent issue

Currently we are using FlexNet Manager Suite 2022 R1 version and flexnet agent version 18.0.0  While installing agents, we are getting proxy error while trying to execute mgspolicy .  However if we test managesoft DL and managesoft RL URLs in the sam...

Solved! What Entity Decides The "Inventory Device Type"?

Hi all ...Before my laptop received the Flexnet Inventory Agent, its inventory was passed to FNMS using an SCCM Inventory Adapter.  FNMS listed the "inventory device type" as Computer.Now that my laptop has the Inventory Agent on it (version 2021 R1)...

Third-Party Agent Deployment Question

Hi all ...I have a question about third-party agent deployment.Here's my use case:A Windows computer already has the 2021R1 version of the agentThe already-installed agent points to Inventory Beacons tied to a DEV server.We used SCCM to push the inst...

Solved! Question About Agent Schedules

Hi all ...My current agent schedule is set to daily, with a start time of 2:30pm, with an offset ("commence within") set to 2 hours.  This schedule was set up before I assumed responsibility for my deployment.Doesn't that mean that inventory is only ...

Container Scanning and Older Inventory Agents

We have not enabled "detection of Docker and running inventory agent inside Docker containers" in FNMS On-Premises due to the performance issue that is caused with the older inventory agents. We are in the process of upgrading the agents to 2021 R1 i...

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