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Solved! ndtrack Questions Regarding High CPU utilization, the "LowProfile" Registry Entry, OneDrive Scanning and the Windows Search Indexer

Hi all ...Does anyone know whether ndtrack triggers the Windows Search Indexer? I have an end user who saw a CPU spike, and when he checked utilization, he saw both the Flexera Agent and the Indexer running at higher CPU rates. The technote "Common c...

Solved! Disable agent component FlexeraDockerMon

In our FNMS environment, we currently don't have the inventory option "Enable detection of Docker and running inventory agent inside Docker containers" enabled. On systems with agent installations, we have noticed that there is a service running call...

Solved! More Than One Install Command For Linux X86_64?

Hi all ...I'll preface this with "I'm not a Linux guy".The Flexera documentation lists this as the installation command:rpm --upgrade --oldpackage --verbose managesoft-[VERSION]-1.x86_64.rpm However, I've seen several forum postings where this comman...