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Delete All Files Regardless of File Attributes

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SummaryDelete All Files Regardless of File AttributesSynopsisThe DeleteDirectory InstallScript function deletes a directory even if it has read only, hidden, or system files.DiscussionThe following is the InstallScript code for DeleteDirectory: p...
by Community Manager acurry Community Manager

Check prerequisites without installing them

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For reasons that do not depend on me (client wish) an MSI installer that checks the prerequisites without installing them is needed. If the prerequisites are not found an error should be displayed. I searched and the only option found is to manually...
by pcflexera Pilgrim

SQL Script on uninstall for multiple instances

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Hi,We are doing multiple instances of the same product by manually modifying the package and product code in the ISM file. We are not using the instance transform. Even though we modify the package code, the component GUID within each instance is the...
by dinesh_ravin Flexera beginner

Differences Between A Public And Private Property

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SummaryThis article discusses the differences between public and private properties.SynopsisThis article discusses the differences between public and private Windows Installer MSI properties.DiscussionPublic properties are accessible throughout the S...
by Community Manager acurry Community Manager

Creating Custom Dialog Enabling Mutually Exclusive Features

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SummaryHow to create a custom dialog with a mutually exclusive featureSynopsisThis article provides a quick highlight on SelectionTree control, and its limitations in the scope of MSI, and describes an alternative method to enable mutually exclusive ...
by Flexera dpiarowski Flexera

Activation of 2012 Spring is ok, but product still in trial.

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Hello, After about 4 years I started my InstallShield 2012 Spring and it needs activation. So I activate it again and dialog shows - all is ok, serial number was activated succesfully. But InstallShield is still in trial mode. What is wrong? Thanks Z...
by ZVasku9 Flexera beginner

Reactivation installshield

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Hello,I'm not able to reactived my license on InstallShield 2011.I choose offline activation, it show me the request text, i click "next" and after it say me "Activation Complete!".So after i start InstallShield and the popup "InstallShield Reactivat...
by kevin_m Wanderer

Error Extracting Support Files: Access Denied

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Good evening.I am having issues installing software using the Installshield software. As you can clearly see in the screenshot, the installer crashes right at the point in the screenshot. I am currently running a Windows Seven Professional, sixty-fo...
by TurtleShroom Pilgrim

Accessing the MSI Database at Run Time

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SummaryThis article provides an overview of accessing and temporarily modifying MSI database tables at run time using custom actionsSynopsisAbstractIn some cases, it can be useful for a running installation to access the tables of the running MSI dat...
by Flexera GeorgeK Flexera

Build Warning -5031

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SummaryPossible causes of Build Warning -5031SymptomsBuild indicates: ISDEV: warning -5031: The icon for the setup.exe could not be updated. Setup.exe will use the default.CauseThe fully qualified name of the file that contains the icon was not s...
by Community Manager acurry Community Manager

Windows 7 で InstallShield 2010 のアクティベーションをオフラインで実行したとき、製品がアクティベートされない

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InstallShield 2010 のアクティベーションをオフラインで実行中、ライセンスの要求ファイルを保存して [次へ] ボタンをクリックした後、アクティベーションが成功しましたというダイアログが表示される。 しかしながら、InstallShield 2010 を起動すると、製品がアクティベートされていないというエラー メッセージが表示され、起動プロセスが失敗に終わる。 Symptoms InstallShield 2010 のアクティベーションをオフラインで実行中、ライセンスの要求ファイル...
by Community Manager cvirata Community Manager
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