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environment variable

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Hi,I'm a new installshield user!I'm trying to update (append) the "Path" system environment variable when installing a component. But nothing seems to happen after the I ran the installer. See attached image on the setting. Is this all I need to set...
by wshieh Flexera beginner

Registration of .NET assembly .dll file from InstallScript installation

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I wanted to see if there were any changed to InstallShield that address how to registry a .NET assembly (.dll) from an InstallScript-based installation. If it matters, I'm using IS 2018.I found this topic, which is essentially the same issue:
by MissionCritical Flexera beginner

About enabling Language Dialog using InstallShield Standalone 2018

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Hi all,I am using InstallShield Standalone 2018 to build the install file from our project, which has been including 2 languages: English and Japanese.The build process was successfully, i was able to run the executable file to install program into m...
by sidafpt Occasional contributor

MSM strings, localized property

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I don't get it work, that a property in the msm, which is defined with a localizable string, gets the language string.I get allways the english string.What's wrong, what can I do?Regards!
by johannes_john2 Flexera beginner

Unable to install InstallShield 2018 Lite on VS2019

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Hi. I'm trying to get InstallShield Lite installed and receiving the following error:I have VS 2019 Pro 16.20 installed. Using Installshield Lite 2018 (24.0.439.0).Is this the latest installer available, since this is the only thing I can think of. A...
by dom9360 Flexera beginner

InstallShield Triage and Preliminary Troubleshooting

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Providing the necessary information to allow a Support engineer to begin troubleshooting your issue is one of the best ways to avoid delays. This article discusses what type of information to include and how to gather it when submitting an InstallS...
by Community Manager tony_flexera Community Manager