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Same Product code for different project type

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Hi,I have changed my project type from Installscript MSI to Install script project for multiple instance support.So, the initial installer was created with Install script MSI type and I need it to get an upgrade using a new installer created by Insta...
by sasikumar Active participant

Display installshield dialog for “Repair” from control panel

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We are using a Basic MSI project that creates an exe file. We need to display installshield dialogs when the user chooses to “Repair” from control panel. However, by default, when “Repair” is selected from control panel, there is a prompt from window...
by tirtht Flexera beginner

setup.exe crashes - but not with silent install

0 8 128
The installer I am creating works when using a silent install script, but crashes on launch when the setup.exe is interactive. This is a sudden issue as no changes have been made to my InstallShield script project and no updates to Windows.When clic...
by BobHickey Flexera beginner

Corrupted licence file

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Hi, we have InstallShield 2018 R2 running on a Windows Server 2016 VM, and the VM hosting was recently moved to a different VM hosting provider. So now the VM has a different IP address, although it has the same FQDN. When I started up InstallShield ...
by mhassan_bott Flexera beginner

How to disable next button until feature selection?

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hi,Does anyone know how to disable NEXT button until user select at least one feature in the list? Also, if user select COMPLETE installation, how to programatically select all features? thanks
by levAnni Flexera beginner

Build Error 9552

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Summary Error 9552 occurs while building the MSIX package. Symptoms Building a release is when an unexpected error displays MSIX App file entry. Cause This build error may be caused while adding payload file/folder to the MSIX package. Workaround To...
by Flexera JayantIyer Flexera

UnauthorizedAccessException in Installscript project

0 6 201
Hi,I have a problem with access denied for App_data folder to create the SQL lite file for my application.I'm installing the application using InstallScript project type. I don't get an option for read/write folder permission as we have in Install Sc...
by sasikumar Active participant

InstallShield Reactivation

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I changed HDD in my computer and set up new Windows 10. I want to reactivate my licence, please help me, thanks.My licence:
by nguyenphat Flexera beginner

Can i create VC++ 2017 prerequisite in installshield 2013

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Hi All,I am trying to create VC++ 2017 PRQ file in installshield 2013 for my installer.Can i do that? Or do i need to move to latest installshield whichever has vc++ 2017?.When i created prq and run the installer i am getting below issue.."the files ...
by Janakiram Pilgrim

Create a Manage code CA using 64 bit .dll

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HiI have a Basic MSI project in ISH 2018 SP1,The setup is target to be installed on 64 bit machine but have 32 and 64 components. I want to create a managed code CA that use .net .dll built in 64bit configuration but when I enter the "Method Signatur...
by eladef Flexera beginner