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Build Error 7141

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SummaryDiscusses the possible causes of Build Error 7141 during the build processSymptomsDuring a build, you receive the following build error: ISDEV : error -7141: An unexpected error occurred embedding file <path to setup.exe>CauseOften this buil...
by acurry Flexera Alumni (Retired)

Major Upgrade corrupting SharedDll counts.

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Hi,I have currently deployed my app to users with almost all components marked as shared, most of them have created a ref count in registry and registered all components. Now when i plan a major upgrade, the current version wont uninstall properly an...
by cglicenseadmin Flexera beginner

Retrieve ouput Info/error from LaunchAppAndWait

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Hello,I'm new with installshield, I want to refactor my current Wix installer.I have several command to launch ( like java.exe, perl.exe, .bat ...).With LaunchAppAndWait the command is launch but return the exit code -1 ...The most important part i...
by gdeclerck Flexera beginner

Write to MSI log file from installscript CA

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HiI have Basic MSI project and using installscript,Is there a way to directly write to the MSI log files with installscript CA ?I already tried to use SprintfMsiLog in the installscript but it didn't worked probably since I run it through DoAction ev...
by eladef Flexera beginner

InstallShield Triage and Preliminary Troubleshooting

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Providing the necessary information to allow a Support engineer to begin troubleshooting your issue is one of the best ways to avoid delays. This article discusses what type of information to include and how to gather it when submitting an InstallS...
by Community Manager tony_flexera Community Manager