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IS 2018 SP1 update killed my activiation

0 2 42
During the update of SP1 for 2018 something happened. IS kept wanting to run tsconfig -reactivate but it was crash with no dialog. So I did a repair on it, at least now I get a dialog but it says I've reached my maximum license already even though I'...
by jeff_foege Flexera beginner

Windows 7 / Windows 10 Registry Entry for Paths

0 3 33
There seems to be a difference on how the registry handles the paths.Many entries I see double-quotes at the beginning the the end of path strings - like in the run section as an example.Then the ones I inserted in the registry with installshield do ...
by garypaquette Active participant

Signing Installer with Installshied

0 1 33
Hi Team, We are using installshield 2018 , we are signing the installer by providing certificate path and password at releases/webdeployment/signing tabRight now passoword is hardcoded, is it possible to load password dynamically/ through environment...
by argoyal Pilgrim

InstallShield and Microsoft Web Platform Installer

0 2 253
Hi all,We may soon need to be adding some pieces of the Microsoft Web Platform Installer (URL Rewrite and Application Request Routing for starters) .I'm wondering if InstallShield currently supports this or if I'll have to cobble something together v...
by Superfreak3 Occasional contributor

environment variable

0 1 49
Hi,I'm a new installshield user!I'm trying to update (append) the "Path" system environment variable when installing a component. But nothing seems to happen after the I ran the installer. See attached image on the setting. Is this all I need to set...
by wshieh Flexera beginner

Registration of .NET assembly .dll file from InstallScript installation

0 2 62
I wanted to see if there were any changed to InstallShield that address how to registry a .NET assembly (.dll) from an InstallScript-based installation. If it matters, I'm using IS 2018.I found this topic, which is essentially the same issue:
by MissionCritical Flexera beginner

About enabling Language Dialog using InstallShield Standalone 2018

0 13 333
Hi all,I am using InstallShield Standalone 2018 to build the install file from our project, which has been including 2 languages: English and Japanese.The build process was successfully, i was able to run the executable file to install program into m...
by sidafpt Occasional contributor

MSM strings, localized property

0 7 219
I don't get it work, that a property in the msm, which is defined with a localizable string, gets the language string.I get allways the english string.What's wrong, what can I do?Regards!
by johannes_john2 Flexera beginner
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