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Using installshield to create a patch failed

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Hi,I have a problem creating a patch (InstallShield 2018 R2), can you please give me some help?The error happened when building the patch, and the Makecab.exe command windows shows and it stopped at about 85% progress. Then We get a simple error from...
by wendyhuo Flexera beginner

Display OS and bits

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hello installshield community.1. How can i display to the user wheter he has 32/64 bits OS? I dont need to install seperate apps for that, I just to let him know about how much bits he has. I found no desegnated property.from the other posts i learn...
by norsie Flexera beginner

suite project wrapping

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hello installshield community.i want to wrap msi project within installshieldhowever when i try to add msi package (.msi)there is'nt any, the project itself is 'ism' format and it wont build can i export my wrapped project as 'msi' format (t...
by norsie Flexera beginner

How to Idendify target OS and type (32/64 bit)?

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Hello install shield community.when the user install the installer, how can the installer tell what OS he has and how much bits?so it can install on program files/program filex x86 accordingly. I am using 2018 version.thank you! Thank you!
by norsie Flexera beginner
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