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How to use SELECTED_LANGUAGE as a condition in Custom Action

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I have a InstallScript MSI project. The Installation supports multiple languages. So at the end of the installation, the installer needs to run a batch file which is corresponding to the user selected language. For example if user selected French in ...
by AceBear Flexera beginner

How to find the selected radio button in a radio button group ?

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I have an InstallShield dialog box with a Radio Button Group. The radio button group contains three radio buttons in it. So how can I find the radio button which was selected when the next button on the dialog box is pressed? Please help, as I am stu...
by ralphster Occasional contributor

Creating custom install shield dialogs

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I am using InstallShield 2016. I need to create a custom installshield dialog box that prompts the user for three different inputs. A server name, a folder on the server, and a file name.In installShield I can easily created dialog boxesin the design...
by ralphster Occasional contributor

How to use public Property and Directory in script code?

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I inherited an InstallScript MSI Project. I do not have much knowledge in Installshield.I created two Public Properties in Behavior and Logic/Property Manager: IS_UPGRADE_INSTALL value is 1PSWEBSITENUMBER value is 0.I also created two new Directori...
by AceBear Flexera beginner

How to set the web app's site number to a public property?

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In a project, I would like to dynamically set the Site Number of a website. I did the following steps to attempt to achieve this, but it keeps giving me error during installation:1) I add the web site "APOC" under the Server Configuration/Internet In...
by AceBear Flexera beginner

Some GAC dlls are uninstalled during major upgrade

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During a major upgrade from version 3.1.4022.29 to 3.1.4023.114 we discoverd, that some assemblies in the global assembly cache get uninstalled. All our GAC files are marked as permanent. As you see in the attached Screenshots, the assembly versions ...
by BkSetupDev Flexera beginner

Component added to feature

0 12 530
I have a setup with 2 feature:Service and Portal.Service and Portal have more than one component and every component has more than one file.Happens that 2 components (not all..) associated to feature "Portal" are installed on pc client when i do an u...
by p_asquino Occasional contributor

Build Error 6271

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Summary Build error 6271 file hashing with unusually large files that do not have version information Symptoms While building a release, the following error occurs: ** Error: -6271: File \file.exe not found. An error occurred building the MsiFileHash...
by Community Manager acurry Community Manager
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