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COM extraction to reg file by script or command line

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Hello,I have questions about automatization of COM extraction:1) Is it a way to extract COM information to reg file by external script (ie. using ISWiProject object) or by command line of any application provided with InstallShield (or OS)?I spent a ...
by Wittiw Flexera beginner

Problems reactivating Installshield 2015

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I have a problem while attempting to re-activate our installation of Installshield 2015, it started asking us for a reactivation today:On-Line activation returns: "Error 0 - Activation of serial number failed: The quantity specified exceeds maximum q...
by spazos Flexera beginner

Repair cause incorrect values to be written to XML file changes

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Hi everyone,We have a installer that does some XML file changes. One of the changes can be specified by the command line or entered into a text box in the GUI during installation. The value is a key from which the actual XML changes are derived by a ...
by hugener Flexera beginner

Build Error 6271

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Summary Build error 6271 file hashing with unusually large files that do not have version information Symptoms While building a release, the following error occurs: ** Error: -6271: File \file.exe not found. An error occurred building the MsiFileHash...
by Community Manager acurry Community Manager

Writing to the Log File from a Custom Action in an MSI

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SummaryIn an MSI, It is possible for most custom action types to write to the log.SynopsisIn an MSI, It is possible for most custom action types to write to the log.DiscussionIn an MSI, it is possible custom actions to write to the MSI log as long as...
by nbikos Pilgrim

SHA-256を使用したデジタル署名はWindows VistaおよびWindows Server 2008で無効になる

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Summary InstallShield 2015でSHA-256を使用したデジタル署名をおこなったインストーラはWindows VistaおよびWindows Server 2008で認証されません。 Symptoms InstallShield 2015でSHA-256によりデジタル署名をおこなったインストーラはWindows VistaおよびWindows Server 2008で実行できません。これらのOS上にインストーラ・ファイルのプロパティ・ダイアログの「デジタル署名の詳細」には”...
by Community Manager cvirata Community Manager

InstallShield 2015 Known Issues

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SummaryThis article contains a list of hyperlinks to articles about known issues, workarounds, hotfixes, and related information for InstallShield 2015. The article will be updated as new information becomes available.SynopsisThis article contains a...
by Community Manager tony_flexera Community Manager

Error 7354 When Building MSI

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SummaryError 7354 occurs when building the MSI projectSymptomsThe build error 7354 occurs while referencing a string that does not have the correct value in MSI projects. The issue may occur with a new project or a migrated project. The error will re...
by Flexera Ken536 Flexera

ISDEV : fatal error -4340: Internal build error

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SummaryThe InstallShield build process may fail presenting ISDEV : fatal error -4340: Internal build errorSymptomsThe InstallShield build process may fail in different ways. This can occur within a Visual Studio solution and outside of Visual Studio ...
by Flexera GeorgeK Flexera