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registration crash Installshield 2015

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Hii had to reinstall installshield 2015 express on my desktop and when i try to get a new key it fails with this below:Any tip?Problem Event Name: APPCRASHApplication Name: TSConfig.exeApplication Version: Timestamp: 55efa572Fau...
by Thomas_Ar Flexera beginner

File not found . An error occurred merging modules 'Policy_9_0_Microsoft_VC90_MFCLOC_x64.67C38D1C_756D_3736_8C07_70C480837444:0'

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Hi All,I am new to installshield and I am getting merge module error please help with the solution.As i am not having licensed product(working on trail) so i am unable to download these through installshield.Please suggest some to way/work around to...
by shikha525 Flexera beginner

InstallShield Triage and Preliminary Troubleshooting

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Providing the necessary information to allow a Support engineer to begin troubleshooting your issue is one of the best ways to avoid delays. This article discusses what type of information to include and how to gather it when submitting an InstallS...
by Community Manager tony_flexera Community Manager

HOTFIX: Install Fails With Error 1001 When a .NET Installer Class Component is Present in InstallShield 2015 SP1

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SummaryWhen an install containing a .NET installer class component is built on a machine with a certain version of.NET 4.6, the resulting install fails with error 1001.SymptomsWhen an install containing a .NET installer class component is built on a ...
by Flexera Jell-O Flexera

Build Error -5002: Product Configuration Is Not Found In The Specified Project

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SummaryISDEV : error : -5002: Product Configuration 'Default Configuration' is not found in the specified project. Verify that the Product Configuration name is correct.SymptomsWhen building an InstallShield project, one may encounter the following b...
by Flexera Jell-O Flexera

Windows Update KB3072630 causes Registry permission changes to HKCU to fail

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SummaryA hotfix is available: Windows update KB3072630 changed the way that custom actions in system context are allowed to interact with HKCU in order to resolve a vulnerability in Microsoft Windows:
by nbikos Pilgrim

Error 7354 When Building MSI

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SummaryError 7354 occurs when building the MSI projectSymptomsThe build error 7354 occurs while referencing a string that does not have the correct value in MSI projects. The issue may occur with a new project or a migrated project. The error will re...
by Flexera NameTooShort Flexera

ISDEV : fatal error -4340: Internal build error

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SummaryThe InstallShield build process may fail presenting ISDEV : fatal error -4340: Internal build errorSymptomsThe InstallShield build process may fail in different ways. This can occur within a Visual Studio solution and outside of Visual Studio ...
by Flexera GeorgeK Flexera
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