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Order of Feature/Component Installation

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Is there a way to control the order that features and/or components are installed? I'd like to be able to have a component that installs only after several other specific components have installed but I can't seem to find a way to do that.Any help wo...
by gcggcg Pilgrim

Template Summary / 64bit

0 3 1215
The installer I created was initially for 32bit but the requirement has now changed. I updated the 'template summary' on both the General Info page and on the release config. When I run the installation on a 32bit the installer doesn't display a 64bi...
by coJeff Pilgrim

Error 1603 ISXmlCosting

0 1 2148
MSI (s) (48:A0) [14:59:07:582]: Doing action: ISXmlCostingAction start 14:59:07: ISXmlCosting.MSI (s) (48:F0) [14:59:07:605]: Invoking remote custom action. DLL: C:\Windows\Installer\MSI60C9.tmp, Entrypoint: ISXmlCostingCustomAction ISXmlCosting retu...
by durata Pilgrim

Error installing an MSI

0 1 1552
Hi,We have an MSI that we are trying to install on a new server and we get the following error. Any ideas what the problem is here? The server is windows 2012 R2 and Windows Installer version is 5.0.9600.18333.Action 09:46:05: ISIISInstall. MSI (s) (...
by Mayur169 Pilgrim

Not installing on Windows 10

0 1 886
Hello to all, thi is my first post!I have an Installscript project that install fine on Windows 7, Windows Vista and so in but not on Windows 10.During the installation I receive the message error: "1: The operation completed succesfully " after tha...
by claudio1060 Pilgrim

Small update not installing new file

0 1 928
Greetings, I have 2011. Between 2 packages having the same version, I have added a new component to an existing (previously empty) feature, and marked the file as shared.The only diff between the two packages, other than the new component and file, i...
by tgooderham Pilgrim

How to build setup.exe from setup.msi?

0 1 931
We need to build setup.exe for normal user(not Admin user), recently when user install the setup.exe, it pop up a model msgbox (UAC warning) ask for administrator privilege for the unpacked file "setup.msi".So my question: is there a way to build set...
by mingtong Pilgrim

InstallShield 2012 License Corruption error

0 1 1435
When attempting to start Installshield, I get a license corruption error. The activation also fails with error 50041 "Failed to connect to the license server". A Wireshark trace hints that the TLS handshake sequence failed.I'm going through the E...
by bikeoid Pilgrim
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