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unable to run feature event during uninstallation

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Hi guys,During my installer, I found the Uninstalled events never called. For example, for Document feature, we specified DocumentUninstalled installscript function but it didn't called during uninstallation. As I learn from the Installshield documen...
by zhiyangchen Pilgrim

Feature Events not Called on Uninstall from Major Upgrade

0 8 1891
I've seen this issue brought up a number of times in the forums but have yet to see a DEFINITIVE response from anyone that can say for certain what the expected behavior is.I have an existing InstallScript MSI installation that has a number of featur...
by Newmarket Pilgrim

please wait while windows configures ...

0 9 18273
Hello, please help me understand why my customers received this message (see attachment).Our developers/customers need to change a *.exe file in the release folder, I when they do, they receive "Please wait while windows configures ...".I have turned...
by Magnus Flexera beginner

Installing SQL Express 2014 with a custom action

0 4 2613
I've been installing SQL Express 2008 SP2 with my InstallShield setup (Basic MSI) using a custom action.It's not pre-requisite or feature-based requisite. I have a dialog asking user if they want to install SQL Express.Now comes the time to update SQ...
by hkjang Pilgrim

Max file size

0 3 4931
We are getting the following error during the build:ISDEV : fatal error -5023: Error building table FileIt seems that the problem is a file size. One of the source files is bigger than 2 GB. Is there a way to overcome this limitation?
by KingMichaelI Pilgrim

Brief Description on InstallShield

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InstallShield is a proprietary software tool used for creating installers or software packages. InstallShield is commonly used for installing software for Microsoft Windows desktop and server platforms, it can serve as to manage software applications...
by banghasan Pilgrim

Short path form in the registry

0 1 2031
Hi,I'm using "COM Extract at Build" setting for registering .dll files. After installation, I found that the values of paths in the registry have the short path form (C:\PROGRA~2\...). Unfortunately, my program requires the long path form. Studying t...
by kug_signal Flexera beginner

Patches and unselected features

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Hi,I would like to verify this behavior for WI patches (minor update):This part is well documented:When a patch is installed using reinstall=all, only feature that were selected for installation will be updated But for this part I could not find any ...
by sharon Pilgrim

Cannot copy source ... SetupPreReq.exe

0 4 6938
I'm getting the following error when I'm trying to build my MSI project:Cannot copy source 'C:\Program Files (x86)\InstallShield\2011\Redist\Language Independent\i386\SetupPreReq.exe' to target 'P:\Installshield Setups\DTI 10.1\DTDashboard-10.1\Build...
by JohnMike Pilgrim

ClickOnce2Dim Error

0 8 5105
I'm trying to convert a clickonce package to msi and I continue to get this error even after installing all the prerequisites from the link provided in Tools -> Check for Updates. Attached is a screenshot of the error.Thanks for any help you can prov...
by r_iyer Pilgrim

Need help creating application on "Default Web Site"

0 4 3986
I need to creat an installation for a c# web service installed under "Default Web Site".In VS 2010 I have created a "Basic MSI" project in order to install my c# web service.So far I can deploy all files to the correct location (C:\inetpub\wwwroot\Ex...
by more10 Pilgrim