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SignTool Error

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I have InstallShield Express 2010, Version 16. I am on Windows XP. When I run Build CD Rom with the option set to compressed, I get the following errors as documented in the log file:SignTool Error: ISignedCode::Sign returned error: 0x8007000BAn at...
by Betty_Stephenso Pilgrim

Relative path to Application Files

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Hi,I am creating an installer that needs to include a couple static (not generated by building my app) files that I have in a folder that is located in a standard (for us) relative position from the output folders of my application. I want to have th...
by drb147 Pilgrim

Install without uninstall

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Hello,I have an InstallShield project that works fine. My problem is that I must uninstall the previous level before installing updated files. Please share how to configure InstallShield where a user can install a newer version without uninstalling...
by david_dooner Pilgrim

Install SQL CE 4

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Hi there,I have written an application that requires SQL CE4. With ce4 there is both x32 and x64 versions of the application. So I am trying to create a package that caters for both.This is what I have so 86 version my 64 bi...
by diverdan Pilgrim

setup.exe file says "my company name"

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The setup.exe file produced shows as an Installshield icon (that's fine), the label "Setup Launcher Unicode" (that's fine), and the label "My Company Name" (not so fine). I have overwritten all the "My Company Name" items in the install dialog. How d...
by rewolfe Pilgrim

Silent mode stop in specific dialog

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Hi, I'm recording an installation with -r parameter.Now in a clean machine I run the installer with -s parameter to perform a silent installation.The problem: the installation always stops in a specific dialog.I check the iss file and this dialog don...
by Crandel Pilgrim

How do I force UAC to display

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I've tried ever setting combination imaginable in an effort to get the UAC dialog to pop up when a user with low privileges runs my setup.exe.Question 1: how do I force the setup to display the UAC dialog to inform a user they need admin privileges?Q...
by robbr2084 Pilgrim
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