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Torrent support?

0 2 1837
Hello there.Ok, Here is what I wish to know. Is there any torrent plugin (if that is the right word) for InstallShield? What I mean is, Can I build a "installer" that will download/grab files that are listed in a torrent? Like a http downloader...
by Oddsodz Pilgrim

install mysql with options

0 2 1676
Hi,I want to install mysql with my install package but I want to provide an option:Install MySQL: Yes or Noso if Yes then it will install MySQL on the local machine as silent install?can you please guide?
by jrahma Pilgrim

Validate ipaddress

0 2 3489
Hello to the community.I've been searching for days how to implement this simple task without success. I'll appreciative any help given.I'm working with version 2010 on a basic msi project. I wish to integrate an ip address text field on a dialog b...
by marcthepunk Pilgrim

List of Events and UPDATEMODE

0 4 2752
Is there a list of events and when and what order they are triggered?In particular, I'm interested in knowing when the setup is running in update mode (how can I tell?) so I can make some registry changes but I can't tell what events to add those adj...
by DataAnalyzer Pilgrim

Creating a x86 installer ONLY

0 5 2191
Hi all,Pretty simple thing I want to do, restrict my Basic MSI installer to be installed on x86 machines only. In other words, if I try to install it on a x64 machine, it'll get the default 'wrong processor type' error message.I know you can restrict...
by andrewcardy Pilgrim

Default Radio Button Selection

0 4 1935
Hi,I have one dialogbox which contains 2 radio buttons.When that dialog appears while installation, I wanted to make default selection of any of the radio button.But I am not able to find the way to do it.My Project type is Installscript Project.Plea...
by RakeshPatil Pilgrim

Setup Prerequisites Screen Order

0 2 2028
Can anyone help me, how to change the Setup Prerequisites Screen which should come after validation of serial number / customer information screen. Please note I am not asking the order of Setup Prerequisites setup files order. I want the Setup Prere...
by jsvignesh Pilgrim
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