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SQL Express 2008 Redistributable

0 6 19551
When will 2008 SQL Express be available. This is one reason I upgraded to 2009 IS Express. Also, how do you requre any version of SQL to be in place before installing your package. Currently, if SQL 2005 Express WOW version is not installed, it tr...
by cfairweather Pilgrim

Crystal Reports VS2008

0 7 16445
Hellowe try to build an Setup-Project, that contains CR for VS2008 (10.5): But there is no merge-Modul for this, there are only some .msi-Files. Is it possible, to add this files to a setup? The VS2008 setup-project do this, but there are a lot of ot...
by Albrecht_Schäff Pilgrim

How can included another setup ?

0 1 10268
Hi , my project required punkbuster ( pbsetup.exe ) , directx and my programs ( a1.exe & a2.exe )how can i his setup include my project ??Need the installing before my project.1 - vc runtime 2008 + question user yes/no ?2 - directx + question user ye...
by Ortakey Pilgrim

IS 2009 Hangs for ~15 minutes

0 4 13560
When I open a project it opens just fine. When I click on "Files" IS2009 will hang for at about 15 minutes. Afterward everything is fine - I can build the project, make changes, etc. If I save the project and exit the program - then it starts a...
by Videstra Flexera beginner

Changing release target directory

0 1 13851
Greets,I'm starting on a new release and wanted to use the previous software release's configuration for the new release.However, when I save the project to a new name using "Save As", it keeps wanting to use the previous software release's directory...
by greenHousePC Pilgrim

Migrate project from v3.5 - PROBLEM

0 5 21522
Hi Just purchased and upgraded to Install Shield Express 2009 (from v3.5) on Win XP sp3. [Have used InstallExpress 3.5 for years]Setup and Validation of ISE2009 all OKImported v3.5 project - "Upgrade completed with 0 errors, 0 warnings" (details belo...
by skerryfay Pilgrim

Error 6003

0 1 9887
Hi,I have a project that has been worked several times in the past with new issue. I came in and changed the version, and my product code then clicked on build expecting it to work fine, but got 3 errors this time: -6003An error occurred streaming '...
by rfleming Pilgrim
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