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Migrate Installshield to new box

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HiI've been trying to return my serial key from my existing box and migrate to a new one. The deactivation just does not work.I've generated an offline-activation request file (license.request), let me know which email to forward it to start the deac...
by usmanjamil Pilgrim

Japanese Characters in INSTALLDIR

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I am running into the following issue (on English Win 7 with English Local):When installing a product (Basic MSI Project), if I do a "Custom" install, and use Japanese characters (ex: テストパス) in the install path (or select a folder containing Japanese...
by numberofcode Pilgrim

How to call DLL function from Setup.Rul file.

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How to Call DLL function from Setup.rul file.I have code block for call DLL function. but my DLL structure is completed.DLL Name :- MyConnectionManager.DLLI want to call below function :-public void StoreConnectionStringParts(string connectionName, s...
by ketanerp Pilgrim

Lost installshield license key

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I've been using InstallShield 11.5 Professional Edition which I purchased some time ago.The HDD on which it was installed has crashed and I cannot find the license key. I still have access to the mostly functional harddrive and was hoping to be able...
by steve4king Pilgrim

Customization of Installshield script

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[FONT="Trebuchet MS"]Hello I'm new to Installshield. I have to work with Installshield Developer 8.0 to customize an Installshield project. Is there a possibility to set the IS Project information such as Product-Code, INSTALLDIR,and Product Version ...
by srivatsahg Pilgrim

Internet information services view

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Hi allOur installshield project creates a virtual directory under the "Default Web site" and also sets this to run under a custom Application pool. Both the virtual directory and the app pool has been configured using the "Internet Information Servi...
by firmusoft Pilgrim

Setting product version in Registry in BasicMSI

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Hi,I am making a BasicMSI installer for one of our applications. I want to get the version string of the product being installed so that i can save it in one of the Registry keys.This might seem like a very stupid question to ask but i can tell even ...
by rumDeep Pilgrim

start/stop services

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HI,I am using install script-2008 to create setup.exe ,During installation i need to stop printer spooler services to install my product,The installation is fine when there is no dependent services on printer spooler.THe installation hangs if there a...
by a_aravind Pilgrim

Displaying a custom dialog

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I have a custom dialog that I made in the dialog user interface. I don't want it to be displayed as part of the normal dialog sequence (ie: clicking the next button of a previous dialog). Instead, I want to display it using code. The name of the dial...
by numberofcode Pilgrim
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