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Replace the JVM during an update

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Hi all, I know this is an old product but maybe someone will be able to help.Well the problem is quite simple, I'd like to update our software. This software will rely on a newer jvm: we switch from java 1.5 to 1.6.I created the jvm bundle, no proble...
by kiwixou Pilgrim

Jre 1.7

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Has anyone been able to run an ISMP installer with JRE 1.7?We have several existing legacy products that do not include a bundled JRE - we expect the end user to have Java installed.But if the JRE is 1.7, I get the following error before the GUI laun...
by davbrown2 Pilgrim

Download link

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Can anyone help me find the download link for InstallShield multiplatform 11.5 with (sp1). I can not find it, and my computer has crashed. i need to install this software to continue creating my installers.There must be a link on the saturn.installsh...
by porkchop Pilgrim

Fate of Wizard Bean during Silent installation

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Hi All,I have written some wizard Actions for installing prerequisite products and I have associated Pregress Bar as the User Interface.. How to handle this during silent installation of the product ? Thanks & Regards,Anitha
by aramaswa Pilgrim

Need help: How to use checkbox with list (or listview)

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Hi,ISMP 11.5 Installscript + MSI project.I need a control to show a list. Contents of the list are variable and are available only at runtime, (so I think I need to use a dynamic list control like listview.)User is expected to select one or multiple ...
by ambekar Pilgrim

ISMP crashes in Linux(RHEL machine)

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Hi, I am installing a installer (built on ISMP 11.5) on RHEL Zlinux platform. ISMP crashes after few steps without leaving any log message. Panel disapears & install stops without any exceptions/errors. Attaching the Linux Launcher settings in IS...
by sallingi Pilgrim

How to use icon for folder shortcut ?

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Hi All,I am having following shortcuts for our product on windows using Installshield 11.5 :Start-->Programs-->Savvion>SBM-->Start Server-->EJB ServerStart-->Programs-->Savvion>SBM-->Start Server-->Portal ServerFor EJB Server and Portal Server shortc...
by chetanchatwani Pilgrim

Product Name Error during Uninstalltion

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Hi,I am using InstallShield Multiplatform 11.5. I am facing an issue during uninstallation.The product name is displayed as "ERROR:null". This happens in the windows 7 environment. Can anyone ehlp me in resolving this issue.Thanks,G.Gokul
by gokul_go Pilgrim

Uninstaller requires Java path

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Hi,I am using InstallShield Multiplatform11.5. When I uninstall my product a message is popped up "A suitable JVM could not be found. Please select a JVM by selecting its java.exe file.". This message appears in Windows 7 and Windows XP SP2 environme...
by gokul_go Pilgrim

Problem installing the Project Manifest plug-in

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I want to migrate from InstallShield MultiPlatform 11.5 to InstallAnywhere. I am trying to install the Project Manifest plug-in on my HP-UX system, to help in the migration. However, the plug-in installer is failing with the message that it cannot ...
by jimzebra Pilgrim

silent install comes back to dos command prompt right away?

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Hi, expertswe are using installshield multiplatform 11.5We use this for silent install "setupwin32.exe -silent -options record.txt", when i run this on a dos command, it returns to the dos command prompt right away; we are expecting it to wait until ...
by Not applicable