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License Problem after moving machine

0 2 46
We moved our machine to a different hardware. We forgot to return the license before. When fixing the license we get the following message.What we have to do to solve the problem?
by dittmann Flexera beginner

Billboard Progressbar hide?

0 3 184
Hello,i used a BasicMSI Project and i am using a Billboard. The animation works but i need to find a way to hide the progressbar in the billboard.
by Ingo_Hoeg Flexera beginner

Reuse License on Same machine

0 2 160
I have a situation where I have to reinstall windows and Installshield (reactivating it each time) several times on the same machine, each time having to release and reactivate the license. Does this count towards the 4 time maximum transfer for lice...
by mibatrajax Pilgrim

Component ordering in InstallScript

0 1 88
I am wondering if components are in a proper order when installed via an InstallScript project or you can manipulate via code?For example, I am using SQLRTComponentInstall for script runs, and I want to run attach scripts to MDF/LDFs that are attache...
by DonAIR Flexera beginner

InstallShield keeps making me activate my license

0 1 89
I just upgraded from InstallShield 2014 to InstallShield 2018. Now InstallShield asks me to activate my license every time I open InstallShield. I click the 'Activate or Purchase' option. The next window takes me to 'Enter your activation code' windo...
by gubbsinc Pilgrim

LaunchApplication/LaunchAppAndWait Issue

0 1 126
I am trying to use LaunchApplication or LaunchAppAndWait to run SQLCMD but am having the hardest time getting it to do anything. Below is the code I am using:LaunchApplication:sSQLCMD = PROGRAMFILES ^ "\\Microsoft SQL Server\\Client SDK\\ODBC\\130\\T...
by DonAIR Flexera beginner

How to edit we.config file using Install shield

0 1 87
Hi,How to edit we.config file using Install shieldie: my requirement is to change Data Source while running setup file created in Install shieldbelow is my website web.config connection string section Also how to find server ip address and SQ...
by BINUTB Pilgrim

Launch Application Checkbox

0 1 92
Hi everyone,I am new with installations scripts. I am doing a powershell script in order to install silencieuse an application .exe.The thing is that the launch application checkbox is selected in the final dialog window.I am using this line in the c...
by Tati16 Pilgrim

Installshield product upgradation problem

0 1 99
We have one product of version 1.14.0019059. But it is not able to upgrade on 1.13.0219038. It throws error "Newer version is already present. Please uninstall previous version."I am not able to understand why Installshield is not able to upgrade the...
by Bharat_Sangale Pilgrim

1334 Error - Anyone Know Any Obscure Cures?

0 10 296
Hi all,All of a sudden our web app installation is erroring with a 1334 - file cannot be found in .cab file. We are currently using InstallShield 2018 SP1. I've tried everything I can think of or found online, but I just can't get past this error.I...
by Superfreak3 Flexera beginner

PRQ for .Net 4.7.1 on different versions of Win 10

0 6 1345
MS describes two different values for the Release key of .Net 4.7.1 depending on the OS versions on which it is being installed, 461308 for .NET Framework 4.7.1 installed on Windows 10 Fall Creators Update and 461310 for other OS versions. They say t...
by bogusman Pilgrim