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Suite Repair: Final state 669

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We are unable to repair our suite project. All packages are startetd correctly and without any noticable errors. But in the end the Suite ends with "The wizard was interrupted before ..."The final lines in the log file are:10-15-2019[03:49:07 PM]: UI...
by BkSetupDev Flexera beginner

Issue in Add/Remove program

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Hello Everyone, I need one small help on one issue which i faced after migration.Issue: I have migration installShiled 2008 project to install shield 2018. So, my problem is after migration add/Remove entry is disabled from application even though i ...
by aasagar Pilgrim

Installshield 2018 crash on build / MSI error 2919

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Hallo,I am quite new and unexperienced to Installshield, I hope this issue has an easy solution.I have a problem building a msi-package. I go through the release wizard and select to build an msi with 1 cabinet file per feature (the basic msi project...
by joerg_arnold Flexera beginner

Release Flags on Features

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Hi,Suppose I have these release flags:32BIT64BITPRODAPRODBNow suppose I want to show the feature only for for 32BIT PRODA. If I use 'Release Flags' on the feature of 32BIT,PRODA I will get the feature for any 32 that in the How do I specify
by rguggisberg Active participant

Access support files in powershell actions

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I have provided a set of support files (DOS batch files). I need to run these script and I intend to do this through a powershell script action.Does anyone know how I can get the path to the support files folder I have declared ?I have tried this wit...
by herbertkoelman Flexera beginner

Silver support upgrades.

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We have Silver support for Installshield. Is it possible to use that to upgrade to the current version, we are running the 2018 version at the moment. If so how do we go about it as it seems to be a really closely guarded secret?
by chriscw Flexera beginner

How to tell a suite install where the packages were staged

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Hello,I know the /stage_only switch for a suite installer, to decide where to stage the packages. So, after doing this, how do I run the suite from another computer, and tell it where the packages were staged. I cannot find any information on this in...
by ckari_genetec Flexera beginner

Window service on restart it is changed to Automatic delayed start

0 2 42
I have deployed window service as part of installshield installer and also set start type as "Automatic" , after installation of installer, service is showing as "Automatic" , but when I restart the machine service's startup type is changing to Autom...
by argoyal Flexera beginner

Setup.exe 64bit

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Hi,I'm developping a pure 64-Bit Installation (Basic MSI) with Installshield 2018.'m very surprised but it seems that the setup launcher (setup.exe) is a 32bit application !It's a real problem when you know...
by ESPARIAT Occasional contributor

Web Deploy package type in Suite project

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Hello,I am trying to deploy a web package in a suite installer project.Here is what I am getting in the log:9-30-2019[04:37:45 PM]: Engine: property 'ISInstallStatus' value now 'Installing package AutoVu.Plugins.SBIntegration'9-30-2019[04:37:45 PM]: ...
by ckari_genetec Flexera beginner