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IsCmdBld.exe parameters ?

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I have file FlukeDMS17New2016.ism (see attachment). Using this file I am able to succesfully vuild my installation files using InstallShield 2016 GUIFile FromGui.txt contains the list of all files which I obtain if I build Release "Fluke DMS
by jweisz Pilgrim

MsiGetProperty and MsiSetProperty help

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Hi all,I have an MSI InstallScript project.In the install script, in function OnFirstUIBefore(), I am calling MsiSetProperty to set a property.e.g.MsiSetProperty(ISMSI_HANDLE, "PVALUE1", svPalue1);From function OnFirstUIAfter(), I am calling PostInst...
by agshah Occasional contributor

fatal error -7159: license expired when doing remote iscmdbld

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Hello,as part of the build of our application we launch a powershell invoke command to created the installer in our Installshield 2016 server.The creation of this installer works perfectly when done locally on the Installshield server, but when done ...
by fussequel Pilgrim

Setting Action Text for Chained Msi

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Currently, my chained msi always appears behind my main msi. This may cause the user to not know that anything is actually happening.I have done some reason into a fix for this and it appears that it is a windows installer problem and that there is n...
by madiganz Flexera beginner

Determine PC type (Laptop, Notebook or Desktop)

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Hi All,Is there any built-in function or variable in the Install Shield (2016 or earlier versions too) that contains the type of the platform?I have to call different executable (actually a VGA driver) from script depends on the platform type( Deskto...
by ShardulNayak Pilgrim

Function transfer error occurs in merge module

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For installing MFC redistribution with InstallShield 2016I am using a merge module.The following error has occurred on a specific PC."Function transfer error"Function: Merge Module Holder Object 1 ? Merge module nameError: can not create file that al...
by hal_miya Pilgrim

msiexec properties gets corrupt when using command line

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HelloI am using msiexec arguments to set public msi properties. I have discovered that if I use many arguments, some of my properties will be corrupt.I have not seen any documented limitations on the number of arguments or leght of the command line.W...
by Magnus Flexera beginner

Mounted iso fails to install on reboot

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Mounted iso fails to install on rebootThe installation of the prerequirement “Microsoft Visual C++ 2017 Redistributable Package (x86)” seems to be corrupt in the following scenario:1: Install a complete new Windows 10 x64 version 1809.2: Run our inst...
by Magnus Flexera beginner

Error while creating patch

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I had tried creating patch using patch design and following error occured:Error -2147319765: Automation error Element not found. Also, toolbar are getting disabled after this error.
by vivekjazzwal Flexera beginner

ISDEV : fatal error -7210: Failed to verify digital signature

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Open a msi with two cabs into a project using the wizard. Change one exe file in this new project and some info under general information and property. Then when i try to build it. I get this problem(error). ISDEV : fatal error -7210: Failed to verif...
by Linkan Pilgrim