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Component added to feature

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I have a setup with 2 feature:Service and Portal.Service and Portal have more than one component and every component has more than one file.Happens that 2 components (not all..) associated to feature "Portal" are installed on pc client when i do an u...
by p_asquino Occasional contributor

Build Error 6271

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Summary Build error 6271 file hashing with unusually large files that do not have version information Symptoms While building a release, the following error occurs: ** Error: -6271: File \file.exe not found. An error occurred building the MsiFileHash...
by Community Manager acurry Community Manager

Run script on Azure SQL

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Hello,I am trying to run sql script on Azure SQL db. I have selected "Microsoft Windows Azure" as target database server, however during the installation I get the following error:Error 27502. Could not connect to Microsoft Windows Azure 'xxx.databa...
by mikomada Flexera beginner

Work with Command Events at Build Time

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Summary Work with Command Events at Build Time Synopsis This article is intended to illustrate how to specify commands that run before, during and after builds with Prebuild, Precompression and Postbuild events in the InstallShield Premier product. ...
by Community Manager acurry Community Manager

InstallShield 2016 Known Issues

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SummaryInstallShield 2016 Known IssuesSynopsisThis article contains a list of hyperlinks to articles about known issues, workarounds, hotfixes, and related information for InstallShield 2016. The article will be updated as new information becomes av...
by Flexera tony_flexera Flexera

Error 7354 When Building MSI

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SummaryError 7354 occurs when building the MSI projectSymptomsThe build error 7354 occurs while referencing a string that does not have the correct value in MSI projects. The issue may occur with a new project or a migrated project. The error will re...
by Flexera Ken536 Flexera

ISDEV : fatal error -4340: Internal build error

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SummaryThe InstallShield build process may fail presenting ISDEV : fatal error -4340: Internal build errorSymptomsThe InstallShield build process may fail in different ways. This can occur within a Visual Studio solution and outside of Visual Studio ...
by Flexera GeorgeK Flexera

32-bit and 64-bit Installation Support

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SummaryThis article discusses the limitations and workaround of creating a single installation package for 32-bit and 64-bit Basic MSI?s.SynopsisWhilst it is not possible to create an MSI installer for both 32 and 64bit applications, we can create a ...
by Flexera shunt Flexera