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Configuring Feature selection in UI

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Hello everyone, I am using suite UI project, Have multiple features and sub-features in my projects.My requirement is to be able to select multiple features at a time, which works fine. however when it comes to sub-features, my requirement is to be a...
by Vishalsa Occasional contributor

Feature Selection on Upgrade

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How does a basic MSI package determine what features were installed previously when performing a major upgrade?I have a problem which only affects a small number of machines in that when attempting to upgrade our product, the upgrade appears to compl...
by Nick_Umanski Flexera beginner

PowerShell cmdlet get-property used in a Custom Action

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SummaryHow-To Example on getting MSI property from PowerShell script using InstallShield 2015 or newerSynopsisIf you are using InstallShield 2015 or newer, you can use cmdlets, which will let you interact (get and set Windows Installer properties) wi...
by Flexera GeorgeK Flexera

Running a Batch File from Your Setup

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SummaryThis article discusses how to launch a .bat file from a setup with Installscript.SynopsisThis article discusses how to launch a .bat file from a setup with Installscript. The article applies to Basic MSI, InstallScript and InstallScript MSI Pr...
by Community Manager acurry Community Manager


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I noticed that there is a Skins folder in the dialogs folder. Can custom dialogs be skinned? If so, how can I apply a skin template to my custom dialog box?
by ralphster Active participant

How do I remove a backslash from the end of a string?

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Hello, How can I check to see if there is a backslash at the end of a string, and if there is then remove the backslash? My reason for asking is that I am able to find the path of my setup.exe executable using the code below. However if there is a b...
by ralphster Active participant

How to get remove the file name from PACKAGE_LOCATION ?

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Using InstallShield script I am able to find the path where the current setup.exe is being executed from. However PACKAGE_LOCATION includes not only the path, but it includes the name of the setup.exe file. Is there a command which will just return t...
by ralphster Active participant

How to change text color for InstallScript Project

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Does anyone know how to change the text color in a dialog box? I am using an InstallScript project. I read this documentation at the link below, but I still can't get the text color to change using GetFon and CtrlSetFont.Please see the attached image...
by FlexeraFan Occasional contributor

Where to copy image referenced by SUPPORTDIR

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I am using the DialogSetInfo command to replace the default header bitmap in my dialog boxes. So where should I copy the custom Bitmap I am using? It appears that I can't copy it into SRCDIR since it looks like it is a registry directory. So if I ins...
by ralphster Active participant

How to bold dynamic text in a dialog box

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How can I bold dynamic text which is displayed on my dialog box. See my sample code below. Notice how I am able to use the "\n" escape code to add newlines. So does anyone know how I can bold my text? For example if I wanted to bold the text "Install...
by ralphster Active participant

How to change title at the top of a MessageBox ?

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How can I change the title in the top of the Message Box when it is displayed? I can change titles for other dialog boxes, but I don't know how to change the title for a MessageBox Example: MessageBox("Today is Wednesday.",MB_OK);I want the title a...
by ralphster Active participant

How to trim trailing blanks from a string

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1.)How can I trim trailing blanks from a string? I need to check if a string is empty. If it is not then I need to perform an action.Example: hString = " ";2.)Is there a single command which will trim trailing blanks? Also wha...
by FlexeraFan Occasional contributor

Banner at the top of dialogs is now grey? Use to be white?

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For each dialog in my InstallShield 2016 InstallScript project I have the white banner at the top with the InstallShield graphic over to the top right corner of the dialog. You know the banner is white and blue with arrow heads, and the label has a ...
by FlexeraFan Occasional contributor