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Tsconfig.exe crash

0 15 2229
Since this morning when I launch Installshield 2014 (or even version 2015) I get a message about 'The product license has been corrupted'I try the online repair but that doesn't work.At the end I decided to use the offline repair then - but now when ...
by Gino_Verbeke Pilgrim

CVEs found in the built .exe file related to ZLIB 1.2.3

1 9 738
We are using InstallShield 2014 and its command line to build a basic MSI project. A binary scan tool (i.e., Protecode) reports the built .exe (alongside with the built .msi) file contains ZLIB 1.2.3 which has 4 CVEs: CVE-2016-9841, CVE-2016-9843, CV...
by Yu_Wang Pilgrim

Custom Dialog not getting display

0 1 318
Hello All,I am very new to InstallShield. My kind request you to help my question below.1. I am creating one custom dialog, User Interface -> Dialogs -> New Dialog.2. I keep one Listbox and push button in my dialog.3. I have created method like below...
by Not applicable

Suite/Advanced UI Uninstall Package Script

0 8 900
Hi - I have created an installer which has a self extracted Zip file (SFX with .exe extension) as a feature. when installation process initiates this feature , SFX file is extracted to C:\Temp and runs install.bat file after extraction , which inter...
by ragava28 Flexera beginner

A new folder is not created when a application upgrade

0 1 321
A newly added folder(there is a xml file inside this folder) is not created when the software upgrade. But when doing a clean installation without upgrade, there is no issue with folder creation. file's "Always overwrite" property is set as true.Is t...
by Dammikadw Pilgrim

Uninstall wipes out all Start Menu icons on Windows 8.x

0 0 282
Customers running Windows 8.x have been reporting that un-installing my application (a fairly straightforward 32-bit Windows app) is causing all of the icons and tiles to vanish from their Start screen (including the "all apps" page). The only known...
by jonny99 Pilgrim

Dynamic linked files not removed after upgrade is uninstalled

0 3 705
Hello there!I am currently using Installshield 2014 and project type is basic MSI project and I'm having problems while using the Dynamic Linked files.Sequence to reproduce problem is as follows:1. Install version 1.0.0. (This version includes 13 fi...
by PfeilSpain Pilgrim