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Command Line Build

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Hi,I'm using InstallShield 2013 Limited Edition with Visual Studio 2013. Setups created in Visual Studio are working fine, but I'm trying to automate the process by using the command line. The Limited Edition doesn't seem to come with IsCmdBld.exe, s...
by Schirmi Pilgrim

1152: Error extracting to the temporary location.

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I've upgraded InstallShield Premier Edition from 2011 to 2013. When opening my project, a conversion is done. Now when I've created a setup, without any changes to my project, I get a message box "1152: Error extracting to the temporary location". Me...
by Edward67 Pilgrim

MSXML3.dll Error 1603

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Hello,I am having the following error occur when installing an MSI package created with InstallShield 2013, which causes a roll back:PerformTypeLib Name: 'msxml3.dll' LibDir: 'C:\Windows\system32\' HelpDir: 'C:\Windows\system32\'PerformTypeLib failed...
by D_Fraz Pilgrim

Error 1001. Installer Was Not Working

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I created Visual Studio 2013(Professional) Windows Application with .Net 4.5 frame work. In This solution I added new class file Installer class file.Sample Code:namespace WindowsFormsApplication1{[RunInstaller(true)]public class AddinInstaller : Ins...
by mvijaykumarredd Pilgrim

Error 1001. Installer Was Working, Now Isn't

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I have multiple projects, in separate solutions that are Windows Services written in C# using VS2012 and VS2013. InstallShield LE is the installer.These are projects that have been through QA and deployed, the installers worked. the ones built in the...
by stu_farish Pilgrim

issue in running exe or vbscript from custom action

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Hi,I am using installshield limited edition for visual studio 2013 to build one msi package.I need to download or install some other softwares during the installation of installshield msi package.So I have followed the option to do the above operatio...
by simpleajit Pilgrim

Error 1316: The specified account already exists.

0 8 16165
I am getting this error while upgrading the previous version of my applicationIn other words when previous version is already installed in the target machine and when newer version is tried to install up on that then this error is popping up which in...
by deepakd016 Pilgrim

Change all Components to 64-Bit

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Hi I've created a new MSI with the InstallShield 2013 and now there are a lot of components I should change to 64-Bit. Is it possible to change them all at once? The components were automatically created and they're all set to "64-Bit Component: No"....
by dudi123 Pilgrim


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GuysIn a basic MSI project, we have added a dll in the Support Files | Language Independent view. The call to UseDll from custom action/installscript fails. UseDLL(SUPPORTDIR ^ "custom.dll");In the MSI log, we see the following relevant entries1: G...
by firmusoft Pilgrim