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Template summary property for X86

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I want to create a basic msi project which should run only on X86 (Not on X64).For this i am only changing the Template summary property value.Would anybody please tell me the Template summary property value ?--Amit
by AmitRout Pilgrim

Suite footer buttons, change color?

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In the Suite, in the wizard pages, in the settings for the Button in the footer section.We can choose a Text style.I have tried to use a text style, but this does not seem to have any effect.For example, for the Installation welcome wizard page.On th...
by RuneStav Pilgrim

SQL Scripts and Progress Bar

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I am working on an InstallScript MSI package that uses 14 SQL Scripts to create the SQL Databases. They take from 30-60 minutes to complete. By the time that the first script is completed, the progress bar is at 100 percent. Is there a way to eith...
by bobmcm461 Pilgrim

Suite Extension DLL - access feature properties

0 8 3477
I'm currently working on an extension DLL for a suite installer. I wondered if there's a method for reading or setting these feature properties from the DLL: FEATURE[name].actionState FEATURE[name].installState FEATURE[name].displayName F...
by Not applicable