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MsiEvaluateCondition on &FeatureName =3 always true

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Hi,I am using Basic Msi.In the Custom Setup Dialog, after a feature has been selected, on click of Next, I launch a custom action which executes a install script. Here, I execute the follwoing statements.retVal1 = MsiEvaluateCondition(ISMSI_HANDLE, ...
by bkrpri Pilgrim

Validate ipaddress

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Hello to the community.I've been searching for days how to implement this simple task without success. I'll appreciative any help given.I'm working with version 2010 on a basic msi project. I wish to integrate an ip address text field on a dialog b...
by marcthepunk Pilgrim

How to change "Preparing to install" window

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Hi All,I cannot figure out where to change the size of the 1st "Preparing to install" window during installation. All the following screens are fine, but the 1st one is bigger.Pls advisethanks
by andy928 Pilgrim

List of Events and UPDATEMODE

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Is there a list of events and when and what order they are triggered?In particular, I'm interested in knowing when the setup is running in update mode (how can I tell?) so I can make some registry changes but I can't tell what events to add those adj...
by DataAnalyzer Pilgrim

Creating a x86 installer ONLY

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Hi all,Pretty simple thing I want to do, restrict my Basic MSI installer to be installed on x86 machines only. In other words, if I try to install it on a x64 machine, it'll get the default 'wrong processor type' error message.I know you can restrict...
by andrewcardy Pilgrim

Deleting the cached MSI file during first-time install

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Hello,Is there a way to delete the cached MSI file during an initial (clean) install? Bear with me here: I know that I can configure the installation not to cache the msi on the local machine, but I see that deleting the cached file after the first-...
by Mescalero Pilgrim

Default Radio Button Selection

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Hi,I have one dialogbox which contains 2 radio buttons.When that dialog appears while installation, I wanted to make default selection of any of the radio button.But I am not able to find the way to do it.My Project type is Installscript Project.Plea...
by RakeshPatil Pilgrim

Setup Prerequisites Screen Order

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Can anyone help me, how to change the Setup Prerequisites Screen which should come after validation of serial number / customer information screen. Please note I am not asking the order of Setup Prerequisites setup files order. I want the Setup Prere...
by jsvignesh Pilgrim

Reactivation failure -

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[I have posted a similar thread meanwhile I can't see it. If it is duplicated, please remove one of it.]We have a win7(x32) PC with installshield 2010 installed. It is in powered off state for months. We found that it can't boot yesterday when we try...
by Jianle Pilgrim

Installing a 32 Bit IIS Application to 64 Bit IIS 7

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Hi,we've recently upgraded our install project from Installshield 2009 to 2010. As a result the install has started to fail on 64 bit machines during the installation of the application to IIS. The error logged is shown below:InstallShield 12:59:33...
by grahamm Pilgrim

Can I create a 32 and 64 bit setup program in one EXE?

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From our InstallScript we can tell if the O/S is 32 or 64 bit. Our setup program can contain both the 32 and 64 bit components and we can turn off the 64 bit features in a 32 bit environment and vice versa.However, when we make a build including both...
by DataAnalyzer Pilgrim