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Progress Bar

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Hey there,I've tried searching but nobody is doing what I need.Basically I want to use the progress bar within Installshield but I don't care about text. I just want to update the progress bar based off of a dynamic number.I've seen several examples...
by Daniel_Dority Pilgrim


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My install creates a database instance for a SQL 2005 server. It does not include my client side application. The install creates a DB and executes some SQL scripts. When the scripts are executed they run under the “NT AUTHORITY\SYSTEM”. I need the s...
by _shielder_ Pilgrim

Caps Lock popup message hiding radio buttons

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Hi, I have a Radio button group with 2 radio buttons and password edit box. During the execution of the project, clicking on password edit box and pressing caps lock button twice hides the radio buttons. Is it a bug in the product? Thanks and Regard...
by vnsatwik Pilgrim


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My application requires .Net 3.0 at minimum. And I will include .Net in the package as a Setup pre-requisite. Since .Net is quite big in size, I will create two different packages, one with .Net and one without .Net. Here are my questions:1. I read f...
by JoderCoder Pilgrim

The installation package is not supported by this processor type

0 15 2781
I am getting the following error when trying to run a compiled installshield build on a 32 bit machine""The installation package is not supported by this processor type"This package had been working earlier in the day and I have no idea what may have...
by pactis Flexera beginner

A way to hide the setup.exe dialog?

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Hi all... So, our install uses the multiple instance capability in IS2009, but that means we get a dialog when we open our setup.exe with the following options:"Install a new instance" and "Maintain or upgrade an existing instance". We'd like to ge...
by tklancer Pilgrim

Uninstalling a chained .msi doesn't remove directories

1 4 2787
I created a basic msi installation with a chained .msi and I pass install properties that make it so that the install path in the InstallShield install gets passed to the chained .msi install. I also use set ARPSYSTEMCOMPONENT to 1 so that I only ha...
by cbarlow Pilgrim

Custom actions not working on "Windows 10 Army Gold Master"

0 2 971
A customer is experiencing problems with our msi running on a fresh install of Windows 10 Army Gold Master. Custom actions are failing. This is an msi created with InstallShield 2009, Version 6, Service Pack 2. All other systems (Win 10, Win 8, Win 7...
by gmastalir Pilgrim

Error 2753. The File 'agent.exe.' is not marked for installation.

0 5 25860
I am getting this "Error 2753. The File 'agent.exe.4747EFCD_A8CE_4016_80F6_BCAD9FE72' is not marked for installation." while upgrading the earlier version of the product. The setup run fine when the old version is removed from the system.If there is ...
by Junaid Pilgrim

ServiceAddService returns -1

0 14 35983
Hello,ServiceAddService return -1. This is no >= ISERR_SUCCESS. And Format function gives no text message for this code. What does this code mean?
by Kovalenko Pilgrim

ServiceStartService succeeds, but returns -1

0 1 1502
Windows XP SP3, IS 2009 Premier SP2, InstallScript projectI'm registering and starting a service in the OnMoved event handler. I set SERVICE_IS_PARAMS.nStartServiceWaitCount to 20 seconds, since the service can hang in certain situations. ServiceAd...
by dschnur Pilgrim

WS_EX_LAYOUTRTL not specified in Arabic UI

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hi,I found that in Arabic OS, the first page(initializing page) is specified with both WS_EX_RTLREADING and WS_EX_LAYOUTRTL.However, the other pages does not. They are only WS_EX_RTLREADING but not WS_EX_LAYOUTRTL. The Minimize/Maximize/Close buttons...
by Streamlet Pilgrim