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InstallScript: setting a merge module property at runtime

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Hello,We are using an installscript project for installing our application.I added a merge module in the project, but this merge module needs to be configured via a property.When I added this merge module in the corresponding feature, an object "New ...
by ced_oce Pilgrim

A question about file type association

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What I want is to associate .s*p (Extension with a wildcard character) with my product, which means when I double click a *.s1p or *.s2p file, my product would launch. This seems impossible, any ideas?
by ningchen Pilgrim

Migrate Installshield to new box

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HiI've been trying to return my serial key from my existing box and migrate to a new one. The deactivation just does not work.I've generated an offline-activation request file (license.request), let me know which email to forward it to start the deac...
by usmanjamil Pilgrim

How to change the File Version of the Setup.exe file?

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Guys,Here is an interesting one.I'm using IS2008 building an InstallScript MSI project. I'm wondering how do you change the file version of the Setup.exe file built? This file version I'm talking about is the one you see on the Version tab of the Pro...
by Clue_Clueless Pilgrim

WINSYSDIR empty on windows-7 64 bit

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Installshield 2008 Installscript projectHi,My setup tries to install a file to .This fails on Windows-7 64 bit systems (error: invalid path).As a check, setup shows a MessageBox with the value of WINSYSDIR at the beginning of OnFirstUIBefore.It appea...
by heiner_violet Pilgrim

merge module is not installed error message

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I am getting the following error message when trying to compile a setup on a build machine that has IS 2008 Standalone build installed.ISDEV : error -7017: The Object/MergeModule "C:\Program Files\Macrovision\IS 2008 StandaloneBuild\Objects\ISDX9.msm...
by DLee65 Pilgrim

Microsoft .Net Framework 3.5 PreRequisite > download failed ?

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I follow the instruction in this link:UPDATE: InstallShield 2008 Basic MSI, InstallScript MSI, and Express Support for .NET Framework 3.5After selecting "Download Selected Item" on "Microsoft .Net Framework 3.5", it always ended up with this prompt: ...
by elvinhau Pilgrim

Translation issues

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Hi all,Firstly, I apologize if this post is OT. If it is OT, please redirect me to appropriate address.Secondly, as this is my first post it is obvious that I'm new to this InstallShield business. I'm just, shall we say, end-user of applications that...
by Renato71 Pilgrim

vbscript combo box

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I am trying to find a way to list all local installed IIS websites to a combobox on a custom dialog using a vbscript. I think I have the script correct but I am not for sure on how to setup and populate the combobox with vbscript information and wh...
by jchristman Pilgrim

Some Fixes for Portuguese (Brazil) / 1046 Language

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File '1046 (UNICODE).txt' in '[Program Files]\Macrovision\IS2008\Languages'IDPROP_SETUPTYPE_COMPACT CompactaIDPROP_SETUPTYPE_COMPACT_DESC Instalação compactaIDPROP_SETUPTYPE_CUSTOM Personalizada IDPROP_SETUPTYPE_CUSTOM_DESC Instalação personalizadaID...
by BrunoReX Pilgrim

Help Please (IsCmdBld.exe) I getting crazy Please HELP

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:mad: Hi all :confused: :confused: i run this line in bat file and i try to override a path variable that has been specified in the Path Variables view but this is NOT work i don't understand why the line is build some exe file and work with the old ...
by yanivna Pilgrim

Installation of web files and conencting to a database

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Hi All,I am trying to create an InstallShield project which will install some webfiles to a location chosen by the user. As part of the installation I am trying to get a dialog to appear to allow the user to specify a pre-existing SQL Server databas...
by JohnCarter Flexera beginner

Programmatically deleting file from DriverStore folder in Vista

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Hello, as part of cleanup prior to installing a 3rd party PDF converter driver on Vista systems, I need our InstallShield 2008 Premier Edition install to remove a specific file from a subfolder under the C:\Windows\System32\DriverStore\FileRepository...
by Randy40 Pilgrim