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Error -1501 Could not compress

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I am currently evaluating Express 2008 and trying to create an installation for a web service. If I try a rebuild all I get the above error, the details of which are:-1501: Could not compress "F:\A\B\Web Service\Setup\Express\SingleImage\DiskImages\D...
by Not applicable

Install windows service

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Hi,I have a question regarding a Windows service installation. Is there a easy way to update the installation of a Windows Service with InstallShield 2008 Express?The Win service already exists, so i have to stop it, copy over the new version of the ...
by alina_b Pilgrim

Vista IIS 7 Virtual Directory Creation Failure

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My project creates an IIS Virtual Directory flawlessly in XP (IIS 5.x), but fails in Vista (IIS 7.x) with the message "The wizard was interrupted before [myappname] could be completely installed ..."I've enabled the IIS Metabase and IIS 6 compatibili...
by Chip_Keen Pilgrim

Change image to the top of setup dialog

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Hi,There is a requirement due to which i need to change the image that is displayed at the top of the dialogs.How can this be accomplished?Thanks in advance,rumDeep
by rumDeep Pilgrim

How to make my own themes?

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How to make my own themes?Themes enabled (in Macrovision world) means 2 themes; classic and one looking like the classic? :confused: -cpede
by carsten Pilgrim

Uninstallation not removing shortcuts and Register entries

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Hi,I have created two setup for two different products. After installing both setup. If I try to uninstall both either by using Add & Remove or Uninstall shortcut, both product gets uninstalled but it does'nt remove the shortcut and register entry fo...
by itisamar Pilgrim

Old project file

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Hello everybody,I hope someone here can help us with a problem...We are in the process of taking over technical application management for an application that includes an installshield project for deployment.The installshield project, as far as we kn...
by timmer Pilgrim

Problems with UAC

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Hello,Just purchased IS2008 Express and my current project is fairly simple. Building an install on a per-user basis and with no admin privileges. I have set;ALLUSER -> ALLSERS="" (per user installation)Require Administrative Privileges = NoRequired ...
by Randy_Patterson Pilgrim

Developing a Trialware

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When I try to acquire a License for making a Trialware in Installshield Express 2008 it keeps failing saying it cannot find an internet connection. What is the issue there? I am pretty sure there is internet as I am posting this query using the same...
by FV_Tarun Pilgrim

error 1334

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Hi, all,I am using installshield Express 2008 to generate the SingleImage exe file. When I test the SingleImage exe file on another computer, the error 1334 generated with "The file [file name] cannot be installed because the file cannot be found in ...
by joeychou1985 Pilgrim

Updating does not occur

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I have express versionI change the product version number and product code GUID but leave the Upgrade code the same.When I run the setup, it runs without errors but the executable on the target machine does not change. Within Add/Remove, I now have ...
by CAVUCO Pilgrim

Need help running MSI during install - Desperate!

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Hi - I've tried a bunch of ways to run this msi during my install and it never seems to run.I also can't get a log file generated when I run my setup.exe so I'm totally at a loss here.This is the MSI file I need to install:
by wayneh Pilgrim