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Forcing the installer to check for extra disk space

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Hi, In my installer initially the required disk space is 800MB which IA checks for but I want 10GB space for the complete installation to be done since the installer creates new EAR files & initially IA is not aware of this. Tried to increase the ...
by mdshahul Pilgrim

Apple OS X x64/x32 installations

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Does anyone know how to produce the x64 installations on MAC OS X?I see the downloads of x64 JRE VM packs for Windows, Solaris e.t.c. - but Apple OS X Oracle packs are without any info about the platform. My MAC's OS is OS X 10.8.5, it supports the x...
by IgorKharchenko Pilgrim

Prevent 64 bits installer to start on 32 bits platform

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Hi,We have an installer dedicated to 64 bits OS (done with IA 2008).We bundle a 64 bits VM with the installer, that will be installed and used by our application.If we launch this installer on 32 bits, we have the error message "Windows error 216 occ...
by Thalie Pilgrim

How to extract installer to non-template folder

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Hi all,I want to extract the installer into non-template folder.I looked up on website, and found the following instructions:(the url is
by voyager1983 Pilgrim

How to attach a debugger to an installer?

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Hello guys,we are developing a complex installer which extensively uses custom code and custom plugins. We need to be able to debug the code with a more sophisticated approach than just dropping lines to the console here and then.Therefore, I would l...
by djall_ibm Pilgrim

Cache in InstallAnywhere

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Hi, I made some changes to my existing custom code & replaced the existing jar with the new one.But InstallAnywhere does not recognize the changed jar.I deleted the jar file & even though at compile time IA looks for the jar file at a specific loca...
by mdshahul Pilgrim

IA variables in HTML panel

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Hi all,I'd like to create a HTML panel similar to Pre-Installation Summary panel, so in my HTML file I write:Product Name: $PRODUCT_NAME$but the variable isn't resolved at running time and the output is the same.Is there a way to resolve IA variables...
by genleo Pilgrim

Enable Disable Feature list while selecting features

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Hi All ,Hope your are doThere is a requirement in my installer...I want to show some features in feature list but want to enable/disable some features when others are selected as it is a dependency of other feature so kindly help me out how can I ach...
by vivek_garg Pilgrim

Install button apearing before reaching last screen

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Hi In our installer install button appearing instead of Next button in a panel(this panel somewhere in middle)before reaching the last screen. when i click the install button anyway its going next screen but i dont know what is the problem and how...
by kalanidhi Pilgrim

JRE 7 VM for Solaris

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I have downloaded the Solaris Sparc JRE 7 VM from have copied the file under /resource/installer_vms The problem is that the IA 2008 UI...
by ceragon2000 Pilgrim