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Stop downgrade in Installanywhere 2017

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Hi,I have an installer installed at version 15 on my machine now I try to install an installer with version 13. For this, installer with version 13 get installed and overwrite the directory of version 15 installer. But version 13 installer doesn't w...
by Saniya_Javed Pilgrim

issue with IA2017 and same code works fine with IA2014!!

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issue with IA2017 and same code works fine with IA2014import com.zerog.ia.installer.AAMgr;Field fe_l = AAMgr.class.getDeclaredField("al");Field fe_f = fe_l.get(AAMgr.getInstance()).getClass().getDeclaredField("af"); CCleaner Happy Wheels VLC
by kdadaji Pilgrim

Update service cannot be found

0 6 2010
This just started happening over the weekend, and it affects all versions of IA from 2014 forward, the get stuck Looking up the update service. Is there any way to turn off looking for it all together? This is getting in the way of getting work done...
by gjandris Pilgrim

User defined variables not set in silent installer

0 2 867
I have couple of user defined variables whose values are not read from the when I run the silent installer.GUI works fine and response file also is generated with correct values for the user defined variables.However, when I try ...
by Jinesh Pilgrim

InstallAnywhere 2017 not building with command line

0 1 467
Hi,I am trying to build installer (version 2017) on windows10 platform through command line using ant1.9.5, java1.8. Getting error "Execute failed: Cannot run program "C:\Program Files (x86)\InstallAnywhere 2017\build.exe": Creat...
by aishwarya Pilgrim

Oracle JDK/JRE license requirement

0 1 1097
Hello,From January 2019, a license is required to redistribute any new release of any version of the Oracle JDK, and obtain support & security updates.We use bundled VM option in the installer and would like to understand if the IA has a license for ...
by devops Pilgrim

Installer User Interface Mode Not Supported on RHE 7.4

0 1 1553
Got the error when installing ALM 12.55 on RHE 7.4.Already tried the solution provided from
by yaoding Pilgrim

Uninstall is not removing all folders on Windows Server 2016

0 4 1675
Uninstalling our product on s Windows Server 2016 does not remove the jre or the Uninstall_Product folders. Uninstalling on other window platforms, everything is removed properly. Any reason why product won't fully uninstall on Windows Server 2016.
by wigginsca Pilgrim

how to hide label in installer steps based on OS type.

0 2 1114
hi guys,our project needs to support both windows and Linux UI install types. Recently we have added a custom panel which should display in Linux but not for windows, we are able to handle it by setting rule only for Linux. Since project is same for ...
by phanik Pilgrim