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?ERROR - JRE Source does not exist? on Mac OS X

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SummaryThe article talks about the 'JRE Source does not exist' error on Mac OS X.SymptomsThe following error is seen in the installation log on Mac OS X: Install Directory: /Applications/2013/jre Status: SUCCESSFUL Ins...
by Flexera tthapa Flexera

Determining Whether a Silent Install Was Successful

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SummaryWays to check for errors and determine if a silent installation was successfulSynopsisWhen an installation runs in silent mode, there is no user interaction. As a result, no output is displayed to the end user notifying them whether or not an ...
by Flexera tphamda Flexera

Using a File

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SummaryInformation on how to use a file for building installersSynopsisYou can use a file to build installers for a project. To do this, pass the ?p argument with the path and name of the buildpro...
by Flexera tphamda Flexera

Localizing Custom Code

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SummaryHow to localize custom code actions, panels, and consoles.SynopsisThis article explains how to internationalize custom code actions, panels, and consoles.DiscussionThe InstallAnywhere API provides a simple means for localizing custom code acti...
by Flexera tphamda Flexera

Limitation of the Execute Target File Action

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SummaryThis article discusses a limitation of the Execute Target File Action.SynopsisThis article discusses a limitation of the Execute Target File Action. In this case, the Execute Script/Batch file Action should be used instead.DiscussionWhen execu...
by Flexera Flexera_Ian Flexera

Unable to Update Installer's EXE File Properties

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SummaryThis article discusses InstallAnywhere's limitation on modifying the details for a Windows Installer's exe propertiesSymptomsWhen a Windows target installer is built, the installer's property values are hardcoded and cannot be customized in In...
by Flexera tphamda Flexera