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InstallAnywhere Triage and Preliminary Troubleshooting

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Providing the necessary information to allow a Support Engineer to begin troubleshooting your issue is one of the best ways to avoid delays. This article discusses what type of information to include and how to gather it when submitting an InstallA...
by Community Manager tony_flexera Community Manager

?ERROR - JRE Source does not exist? on Mac OS X

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SummaryThe article talks about the 'JRE Source does not exist' error on Mac OS X.SymptomsThe following error is seen in the installation log on Mac OS X: Install Directory: /Applications/2013/jre Status: SUCCESSFUL Ins...
by Flexera apahtg Flexera

Determining Whether a Silent Install Was Successful

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SummaryWays to check for errors and determine if a silent installation was successfulSynopsisWhen an installation runs in silent mode, there is no user interaction. As a result, no output is displayed to the end user notifying them whether or not an ...
by Flexera tphamda Flexera

Using a File

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SummaryInformation on how to use a file for building installersSynopsisYou can use a file to build installers for a project. To do this, pass the ?p argument with the path and name of the buildpro...
by Flexera tphamda Flexera

Localizing Custom Code

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SummaryHow to localize custom code actions, panels, and consoles.SynopsisThis article explains how to internationalize custom code actions, panels, and consoles.DiscussionThe InstallAnywhere API provides a simple means for localizing custom code acti...
by Flexera tphamda Flexera

Limitation of the Execute Target File Action

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SummaryThis article discusses a limitation of the Execute Target File Action.SynopsisThis article discusses a limitation of the Execute Target File Action. In this case, the Execute Script/Batch file Action should be used instead.DiscussionWhen execu...
by Flexera Flexera_Ian Flexera